Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Fun is self-explanatory

Wicked Workshops should:
  • be original to differentiate from other meetings
  • be physical to get people more active
  • be memorable so participants remember you and what was discussed, so that they can evangelise the output
  • take risks to get the creative juices flowing but plan for what might go wrong and mitigate against this
At the Euro IA conference we tried to make the workshop session fun by:
  • taking a huge risk by running a workshop of this size, but we mitigated this with lots of prep
  • getting more poeple to move around and get away from their desks
  • getting everybody to stand up and make a teapot
  • having a bit of pressure music to encourage focus and give more of an atmosphere


At 2:11 AM, Blogger jase said...

I believe that one reason why FUN is important, is because a little bit of fun helps to break down the barriers, give you a giggle and make you happy.

If you and your fellow participants are happy, I believe that everyone will be more creative and think through problems a little more towards a resolution.

At 2:17 AM, Blogger jase said...

Interestingly, I found something in this Saturday's Guardian that supports my belief to some degree.

"Watching funny films may improve your job performance if your work involves creativity and solving problems - and if you happen to be male. In a study by Allan Filipowicz, of INSEAD, men who watc hed a clip of Bill Cosby or the movie Liar, Liar did better at building a styrofoam bridge than those who didn't. But women who saw the comedy tape performed slightly worse."

Covered here as well

At 2:22 AM, Blogger jase said...

In fact, one of my workshop mentors used to always play some moderately funny video clip at the start of sessions. usually someone crashing into something, or someone being pushed off a bike. It would always get some nervous laughter.

I found that this broke the ice a bit, and helped people feel a bit happier. I couldn't say if it actually made people more productive, but I believe that it id have a positive effect on proceedings.


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